Open Zaurus 3.5.3 Review

It is mentioned in the docs, specifically that the patches for SD Card support in the 2.6 kernel are very close to being submitted. What does this mean? It means that since I flashed my 860 from the SD Card, and it’s now using the latest Open Zaurus 3.5.3 complete with 2.6 kernel and all the fixins… I can’t get all my data off of my SD Card, because the kernel doesn’t support it. I also have no CF Card [I’m broke. Did you click the google ads lately? Please do. Thanks =)] I’m pretty much stuck with my current setup. Wonderful.

But hey… usbnet seems to be working fine now, and zsh was available, even though it’s version 4.1.1 it’s better than nothing. I noticed some ruby stuff in there too, and even the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL) so that could mean lots of fun times in the future…

But for now I’m stuck I guess. I really need to invest in an SD Card reader… *sigh*