Kmail in KDE 3.5.4

What is the deal? I add a new imap account and it doesn’t show up until I close Kmail and then open it again? And then it doesn’t accept even the correct username and password (ok fine that might have been a server issue… maybe) and then I try to just cancel and it won’t go away! If I say cancel, that means cancel! It doesnt mean cancel this little window and then bring me to another annoying window and then bring back the window I just cancelled. Cancel means cancel. It means no more, no mas, I’m giving up, please go away, leave me alone. I didn’t even want to try kmail because last time it decided to download all of my mail and re-upload it, effectfively destroying the date/time stamps on every message in my imap box. This time it gave me a new reason to hate it. I don’t get it… I mean kde is so nice… why does kmail have to suck for me every time?

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