My new favorite terminal?

First of all… I must say I am impressed at how far this project has come since I last tried it. Last time, when I tried to resize the window it caused problems, when I moved the window the background got messed up… it was essentially not usable as a full time terminal. I’m using it now, and I haven’t had any issues yet.

Why use it? Well I used to use gnome-terminal, which is nice, and offers tabs and transparency, ttf support, and other niceties, but it can be slow. It also requires gnome libraries to be installed, which is ok but not if you don’t feel like installing gnome. I’m an LFS addict so I am always using a new system, and it’s nice to have a terminal I can compile once I finish X and then can continue building from there.

To sum it up: If you want a terminal with support for mutltiple tabs and loads of other cool features, that only requires X to be installed… definitely check out mrxvt!