The first paragraph of the foreward says it all: “It has been more than a year since I sat on a train, playing computer games on my Zaurus. Now, I am not saying that there is anything wrong with that, but I felt there must be something else I could do, that was more productive. So, I thought I would write a book.”

What a cool idea! I bought this book because I think Kevin deserves some credit for putting his Zaurus to good use. Basically I had no preconceptions about his writing skills or story telling abilities. I had no idea what the book was about except that it was written on a Zaurus and was about a guy who had a Zaurus. That was enough for me;)

As it turns out, the story is actually quite good. There is a lot of real technology being used throughout (aside from the Zaurus), which keeps it interesting for those of use who know what things like nmap and nessus are. There is also a pinch of love story, and a healthy helping of “oh my god everything I thought I knew is a lie.”

Kevin is from Scotland and you can tell somewhat based on his spelling and grammar. No this is not a critical remark, but if you are American you might find it odd to see words like Kerb and Faeces [which would be curb and feces the way I was taught to spell]. For all I know Kevin might just be a horrible speller, but I don’t really care because the story is good. Honestly though, there were a lot of typos, which was somewhat annoying.

But with that aside, I love this book because Kevin inspired me to write my own on my Zaurus. So thanks a lot Kev! If I ever finish my book I’ll be sure to send you a copy!

I don’t have a rating scale yet, but on a scale of This book sucks ass to yeah it’s worth the few bucks I say this book is totally worth the few bucks! =)