GnuCash On OS X

I had attempted to get my finances in order, but this time I’m going to stick to it I swear… thanks to gnucash. If you haven’t heard of it by now, then where have you been? It’s awesome! I never used quicken or Microsoft Money, or iCash, but this program really has made it so easy to get a good picture of my financial state that I would never want to use another. I wanted to try the latest version and, as you may know, I’m running Tiger on my powerbook G4. I found some helpful directions for intel macs and I’m happy to report that following the tips I found there I got gnucash working great even though I’m using a G4. Once I have a better understanding of everything I’m doing (I’m winging it so far but it’s working!) I’ll post some info to help you get started. But hey don’t wait for me – if you’re looking for some good accounting software check it out. Did I mention it supports .qxf files? Oh and it’s FREEEEE 🙂

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