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I’m experimenting with Spam Sieve to see if it can replace’s dumb junk mail filters. I trained Mail’s junk filters for about a year and I still got spam last week. Obvious spam at that. It’s just silly. Thunderbird for Mac has great junk filters but no direct tie-in to the Addressbook. SpamSieve adds better bayesian filtering to Mail and entourage (but please don’t use entourage – it’s a tech support nightmare. thx.) I’ve been training it for a couple days now and it’s doing well. I’ll post again in a few days to note the progress. At the end of my 30 day trial I’ll definitely be posting whether or not I feel that it’s worth the $25 that the devs are asking for it 🙂 Stay tuned!

THIS JUST IN – Trial ended and I decided to go buy it. read on!

I am so pleased with the way spam sieve is handling my junk mail. I used to get such easy to spot spam every day. I mean messages that I could tell were spam just by looking at the subject or the sender. It hasn’t been 100% perfect, a few false positives and false negatives, but aside from those few mistakes this app has been on point – there is no spam in my inbox.

SpamSieve is just another of the many apps that I’ve learned are worth the small price. Owning a mac has really gotten me into this “paying a little for good software” thing 🙂 I used to think all the best software had to be free, but that isn’t true. Little programs like SpamSieve, Audio Hijack Pro (and nicecast of course), transmit… the list goes on and on… are great and all near or under 30 bucks.

Bottom line – if you are running OS X and you want to get rid of spam – SpamSieve is great.

(UPDATE: works great with leopard too!)

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