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Spam Sieve

I’m experimenting with Spam Sieve to see if it can replace Mail.app’s dumb junk mail filters. I trained Mail’s junk filters for about a year and I still got spam last week. Obvious spam at that. It’s just silly. Thunderbird for Mac has great junk filters but no direct tie-in to the Addressbook. SpamSieve adds better bayesian filtering to Mail and entourage (but please don’t use entourage – it’s a tech support nightmare. thx.) I’ve been training it for a couple days now and it’s doing well. I’ll post again in a few days to note the progress. At the end of my 30 day trial I’ll definitely be posting whether or not I feel that it’s worth the $25 that the devs are asking for it 🙂 Stay tuned!

THIS JUST IN – Trial ended and I decided to go buy it. read on! Continue reading