The Empire State Building Tower Lights

As a New Yorker I take pride in knowing about the city I live in. I don’t know everything of course, and so from time to time I am stricken with this intense desire to figure something out about this great city of mine. The other day while walking around I noticed that the Empire State Building was blue and white, and that there were police everywhere. I joked with my friend that it was a signal that police were going to take over the city 😉 It turns out that it was United Nations day and that blue and white is chosen to represent that (the flag is blue and white if you haven’t noticed). Where did I find that out? I’m glad you asked! Check out the official website of the empire state building and the tower light schedule. There’s also a page dedicated to the history of the tower lights, and a list of the meanings for all of the colors that are displayed throughout the year. I <3 NY! 🙂

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