Linux-2.6.11.x Has Broken usbnet

I just realized today that usbnet is broken in when I tried to connect to my Zaurus 860. Some googling lead me to the kernel changelog in which it states that a fix for that “brokeness” went in on March 17, 2005. I tried using 2.6.12-rc2 and the usbnet does indeed work with that. Alsa seemed to not really work though, but it’s only rc2 so I’m sure they’ll get it ironed out. Anyway just a note to let you 860 users out there (*cough* weasel *cough*) know that it’s not your fault! 😉


Z4CK is a book that Kevin Milne wrote on his Zaurus PDA. I got it because I have a Zaurus and I thought it was a great idea! Read more for my review (my first book review!)

Update: Kevin Rocks! Somehow (google I imagine) he found my little review and actually took the time out to thank me! The Internet seems so small sometimes…. =)