“Music. I’m so in love with my music. The way you keepin’ movin… Ain’t nobody do what you doin…”

Joss Stone is so awesome. Love that woman!! You know there is a divine power when you see a beautiful woman making beautiful music. How can you deny it? I just can’t be an atheist when I listen to Joss. Why? Because all I can think is… “God! She is so amazing!” Who’s with me on this? I know Larry hears me but he probably won’t read this unless I ask him to (hi Larry).

Could it all be luck? A random sequence of molecules? What made Me and Joss and Music? I suppose the origin isn’t as important as the fact that all of the above exists, right? Well if you hear me… God, Goddess, chaos… Thanks! (for music and women, among other things…)

P.S. – check out (it’s better than the non-uk home page, I think)

P.P.S – here’s Joss Stone (Hi Res)

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