The Best Radio Station In the Worrrrld?

While on vacation in North Carolina I stumbled upon a radio station that plays a great mix of tunes. If you’re in the Raleigh area you can tune in to 93.9 WKSL – but otherwise you will need windows media player to tune in by clicking the “listen now” link at the 93.9 website. Yes […]


“Music. I’m so in love with my music. The way you keepin’ movin… Ain’t nobody do what you doin…” Joss Stone is so awesome. Love that woman!! You know there is a divine power when you see a beautiful woman making beautiful music. How can you deny it? I just can’t be an atheist when […]


Ever heard of Paul Robeson? I was listening to one of my favorite artists, Saul Willams, the other day – when it occurred to me that he speaks about some historical figures that I didn’t know much about.  One of these is Paul Robeson. Saul Williams has a song entitled Robeson, and also mentions the […]