Why won't airport auto join my network?

If you have a mac and use wireless to connect, you might expect that it will automatically join your wireless network after you tell it to “remember this network”. I know on my old powerbook it did, and on my girlfriend’s macbook it auto-joins too. So I started wondering why my macbook pro just wouldn’t […]

DHCP Renaming your mac?

The DHCP server at my office was reconfigured yesterday and it started forcing my macbook pro to change it’s name. I like having my host name remain constant for various reasons, so I asked in #macosx and some kind user there pointed me to this blog post: http://www.elharo.com/blog/software-development/web-development/2005/11/29/setting-a-permanent-host-name-in-mac-os-x/ It works on leopard, in case you’re […]

Security Update Breaks SSH on OS X

If you installed Security Update 002 for leopard and suddenly ssh tells you “bus error”, the answer lies here: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=6863360#6863360 Apparently the guys at rogue amoeba have some work to do – we need instant hijack! If you are too lazy to read that thread, the fix is: sudo /usr/local/hermes/bin/hermesctl unload thereby uninstalling instant hijack […]

The Best Radio Station In the Worrrrld?

While on vacation in North Carolina I stumbled upon a radio station that plays a great mix of tunes. If you’re in the Raleigh area you can tune in to 93.9 WKSL – but otherwise you will need windows media player to tune in by clicking the “listen now” link at the 93.9 website. Yes […]